I CAME to Andover in 1977 and joined the Andover Health Centre Medical Practice which is co-located with the hospital.

In the years which have passed since then I have had excellent treatment including detection by my practice of symptoms, which I never did see, leading to the removal of a kidney complete with cancerous tumour at Winchester hospital.

I have had minor operations and scans in Salisbury, Winchester and Basingstoke hospitals and the doctors and nurses have been most competent and caring. I have had cause to use outpatients and the minor injuries department at the hospital with nothing but admiration for my care.

Over the years many of my friends have had heart attacks, strokes and injuries requiring them to be rushed to hospital as emergencies, many life threatening.

The ambulance service has got them there and the hospitals have again done a splendid job.

I cannot speak too highly of my medical practice on the phone or over the counter.

The reception staff and manager are most friendly and expert at their jobs as are the nurses and doctors.

None of this will make the headlines but when things go wrong, as in such a huge organisation like the NHS, they will do, the compensation seekers and media can’t wait to pounce.

Let’s give credit to the staff of the NHS who are doing a splendid job against all the odds for too many people in the United Kingdom.

Stan Full, Cedar Walk, Floral Way, Andover.