I WOULD like to thank all those who removed the fallen tree on Ladies’ Walk so quickly.

Information is power when acted on!

The next challenge is bigger.

How can we solve the tedious, energy-sapping and misery creating two-year dispute regarding guards between the RMT and the bosses of South West Trains?

I have four points: 1) It is a no-brainer that we need guards highly trained in self-defence to take out occasional thugs and terrorists and maintain law and order.

The price of freedom us eternal vigilance.

2) Guards reassure the public and commuters and are preferable to robots. They can smile, engage in interesting conversations and are worth paying for. Power vacuums on trains are fatal.

Guards can also help people where there is a medical emergency and stop the train when a fallen tree is found on the line in stormy weather.

3) Obviously, a genuinely neutral chairperson is needed. There is none better than Rev James Jones, the former Bishop of Liverpool.

His track record in Liverpool and with the Hillsborough Inquiry speaks for itself.

Further, he has the priceless benefit of divine wisdom and common sense (very rare).

4). For Kit Malthouse, MP, to contact the Transport Minister asap and instruct him to contact Rev James Jones asap and let’s get this problem solved through creative and intelligent compromises.

Then lots of commuters and staff can enjoy a strike-free autumn and Christmas.

Why not?

Rev Trefor Jones, Wool Grove, Andover.