IT WAS most heartening to read the letters of Stuart Noyes and Nick Milne (Letters, October 5, ‘A new question’ and ‘Letter response’ respectively) exposing the ‘remainers’ for what they are.

Over and over again the people I have spoken to, not only in North West Hants, but also in other constituencies throughout the country during the past decades, have voiced the same opinions.

Many have said and I quote, ‘How can any educated person vote to stay in a corrupt organisation whose auditors annually for two decades on the trot refused to sign the books and where are MEPs are virtually powerless?’

One gentleman in Overton commented that, ‘It was like history repeating itself when Halifax and a few of the political elite campaign’ ed to get Churchill to negotiate with Hitler instead of fighting, but Churchill consulted the public and agreed to their true British spirit and to fight on’. He went on to say, ‘had May listened to the people then went to the Queen saying we repeal the 1972 Act and are out of the EU we would be well and truly on our way to being a truly prosperous world trading country by now, but then she is a ‘remainer’ at heart and although she is giving good lip service she appears to be listening to her unelected political advisors to drag it out as long as possible.’ Another interesting comment from a lady in Hurstbourne Tarrant was that, ‘the government should not only follow Australia’s example of all immigrants to have health insurance, a job to go to and cannot claim any benefits for eight years’, but she added that, ‘in our case all existing immigrants that have claimed benefits for eight years should repay that sum back to the government.

I wonder how many would stay?’

Peter Sumner, Coachways, Andover.