I HAD a visit from my grandson.

I asked where the children were. His reply was they had gone to the circus. The only thing was there were no animals in it now.

Can anyone remember, like me, when the circus used to come to Andover, going back a bit? It was held in farmer Dance’s Field in good old New Street. The big highlight of this was, I told my grandson, that the elephants used to come down into the town river opposite today’s site of Wilkos and have a good old drink. He asked how they got into the river. I explained it was a nice slope down and we used to go down and have a good paddle. Also, the council workers used to take their horses and cattle down as well and let them have a good splash and wash.

I think we use to have it good when we were kids and I wonder what the hell is happening to Andover and how those that still stick to it and live here?

Will we ever be able to say let all this stop to a lovely little market town where everyone knew everyone?

Sad to say, not now.

Joyce Reynolds. Bulbery, Abbotts Ann