I AM writing to find out if there are others like myself whose dogs have been attacked down at Charlton Lakes by dogs whose irresponsible owners have not had them under control on a lead.

Instead they walk along, chatting away to friends and not watching their free running animal who is free to attack other dogs or defaecate wherever they like.

My poor little 12-year-old dog was on a lead walking just behind me and suddenly screamed in agony as this vicious dog attacked him today and jumped on his back to get a better grip. He has been trembling all afternoon with the shock of it.

My question is what is being done to enforce the by-laws about dogs being on a lead, dog fouling and dogs attacking other dogs and wild animals?

I haven't seen a dog warden for months and months. I have seen dogs chasing geese and a swan. Where are the CCTV cameras if there is no one on patrol, as the notices say there are?

Name and address supplied