CONGRATULATION TO Michael Woodhall on his coherent and incisive analysis of Brexit — “a mistake of seismic historic proportions” (Letters, October 12, ‘If the truth be told’).

The consequences of the government’s blind pursuit of Brexit at any cost will be felt for generations and yet we are being denied the right to a say in the final deal. Leavers persist with the line that the referendum was a decisive, informed vote which must never be questioned. The reality is quite different. Almost every claim made by the Leave campaigners has been shown to be misleading if not downright false. The campaign groups themselves face police investigations for electoral fraud. There never was a pot of gold. The claim that this country would enjoy the same standards and benefits outside the European club as within always was a fairy tale akin to Hans Andersen’s ‘Emperor’s New Clothes.’

The evidence grows day by day that Brexit will make this country poorer, weaker and more divided. Even its supporters, with the exception of the ever-diminishing band of fanatical ‘true believers’, know this. Teresa May has tried and failed to deliver the undeliverable. The damage already done to this country’s economy and reputation is immeasurable, with current costs running at £500 million per week.

Whatever deal that is cobbled together in 2019 will be very different from the promises of 2016. The time has come to admit this. The government needs a fresh and clear mandate before making any decision. Any deal must be put to a meaningful people’s vote which should include the option to reject the entire process and remain.

Len Gates, Linton Drive, Andover