THE Post Office should have ‘bigger fish to fry’.

Referring back to earlier in the year, when no PO letter deliveries took place to the top of Artists Way for a week (Mon-Fri), six days’ worth of letters then cascaded through the letterbox on the Saturday morning.

In the latest display of GPO inefficiency, five letters posted here in the period Sept 7 to 15, simultaneously reached their destinations at the start of the last week of October (from the Artists Way red PO pillar-box.

It may seem fitting by the GPO as one of the few remaining government sponsored, taxpayer funded, abusive state monopolies to behave like this, but to the customer it just appears that GPO management have become addicted to TV and cinema ‘Western’ films and, as a result, perceive that their business can be run like a right ‘cowboy outfit’ also.

Paddy Keenan, Ward Close, Andover.