I REFER to Councillor Rob Humby’s article in the Andover Advertiser November 2 regarding the massive hike in parking permits for residents.

Have Hampshire County Council not considered contacting the people affected first as to the reasons for such a hike in costs which more than double the rate that is currently paid?

Instead they choose to relay this news through the local newspaper. How disgusting!

Why would we as residents in these permit zones be party to paying more than our fair share into the highway maintenance coffers to run a scheme which was enforced (or was it consulted? Surely these costs should be recovered from the Highways Maintenance budgets and why should residents be penalised who live in the enforced permit zones.

Please can you explain Councillor Humby why we should pay extra for the privilege of visitors to park free outside our homes for one to two hours? This is an outrageous increase and we are being discriminated as residents in these parking zones. TVBC I think you should seriously re-consider your recommendations to recover these costs in this way.

Sharon Love, Eastfield Road, Andover

Editor’s note: The article published on November 2 was not Cllr Humby’s but work by one of our reporters. It therefore follows that Hampshire County Council did not choose to inform the public through our newspaper.