AT ABOUT 6.15pm on Tuesday November 27, I returned home to Marlborough Street in my car, and found cars back to back along the road at the back of our houses right down to the small island at the bottom of the road.

Not being able to reach my parking space at the rear of my house, I parked at the front of my house on double yellow lines and left a note on the dashboard explaining why I was parked there and on double yellow lines.

I then rang the police — forwarded on to local police — highways not their responsibility. I rang TVBC — closed — forwarded on to their emergency out of hours — I said where I was parked and why. I was very worried and upset at having parked on yellow lines. The lady I spoke to said she would pass on my concerns of the road traffic.

The rear road eventually looked clear, so I drove my car round, got to the rear of my drive but still was unable to reverse on to it due to car congestion. There were cars coming down from the car park at the top of the road, cars coming up behind me, and cars trying and failing to enter the Simply Health car park at the rear of my house. I found cars at the front, back and side of my car while I was trying to reverse into my drive. Very frightening, but eventually I made it to my drive.

A big thank you to the TVBC out-of-hours telephonist for being so kind, listening and understanding, I was very upset to say the least.

I should never be put in this position at any time trying to park my car on my drive.

I am being penalised for living here so perhaps I should apply for council tax reduction.

Ruth Markland, Marlborough Street, Andover.