OH DEAR, how can anyone decide not to vote in favour of the Brexit deal on the table?

I voted to remain but now we have a Brexit vote I do not see how we can go back cap in hand to the EU and ask that we stay in the EU. We would be a laughing stock and very much at a future disadvantage!

And as for crashing out, that would be crazy and put our country in a dire position for many years.

No, we should stick with the current deal and continue negations in the years to come. Anyone who thought that Brexit would not have had a serious effect on our finances did not think the issue through. It was always going to have a negative effect!

Now I have written to my MP, Kit Malthouse, asking him to vote for the deal and guess what he has not bothered to answer! Oh yes, I forgot he worked with Boris in the past! Maybe that’s the reason. I have always voted Conservative but if I find he has voted against the deal I will remember at the next general election.

Stephen Hunter, Anna Valley.