YOUR correspondent Keith Watts (Letters, December 28, ‘Cost to prepare’) describes ‘leavers’ as “… beguiled by a fantasy…”.

He also claims that “… there is no deal for Britain better than we have as a member of the European Union.” — now that is fantasy with knobs on!

What is at stake is our precious constitution. Britain is a free country — we can do as we please unless it is prevented by law, whereas in the EU you will only be allowed to do what the law specifically permits — a subtle difference but significant nonetheless.

For generations Britain`s laws have been framed by our democratically elected representatives in open debate at Westminster. In contrast, the EU laws are concocted by a clique of self-selecting bureaucrats meeting in secret in Brussels — no contest!

Macron is in deep trouble in France, Spain has massive youth unemployment, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia are in open defiance of the EU, the Euro is living on borrowed time and Brexit is imminent — and not a moment too soon when we will say our farewells.

Brian Mercer, Barlows Lane, Andover