TWO years ago, Theresa May PM, stated that “no deal is better than a bad deal.”

A year later (early 2018), she signed off the Irish border ‘backstop’ agreement — but denied it at the time, stating that, “it is just a piece of paper to facilitate progress in the discussions.”

Whilst currently Mrs May’s stance has morphed into ‘Any deal’ is better than a good deal. Her deal gives the EU the final say on whether or not Brexit takes place and promised them £39bn as a ‘departure sweetener, but probably really the down-payment on a further two years foot-dragging ‘discussions’ with Brussels (British taxpayers’ money — so a mere ‘bagatelle’).

Last month, Mrs May, along with Sajid Javid (in an effort to ‘twist arms’ to generate support) stated that, “’her deal’ gives us control of our borders,” but no mention was made of sovereignty. Right on cue came reports that more than 200 ‘illegals’ had clandestinely crossed the UK border that month with over 90 of them accomplishing the feat between the 25 and 29 December.

Mrs May’s ‘deal’ also commits the UK to adhering closely to the EU’s statutory and regulatory methods indefinitely.

Nevertheless, what Kit Malthouse MP states that what he is supporting is ‘Brexit’ (Advertiser, December 28, ‘MP’s backing for Brexit deal).

At this juncture in the UK’s progress, what is not needed is ‘jobsworth’ MPs.; what is needed is leadership and, although she is in a ‘position of leadership’, Theresa May is not a leader — she is an ‘administrator’ with little or no ‘leadership aptitude’.

Paddy Keenan, Ward Close, Andover.