MIGHT I have some space to say a big thank you to our neighbours, next door but one, for checking on us when our gate had swung open in the night?

Rachel came in to see if we were alright.

We were very busy before Christmas and we had become exhausted with running to Saint Baskerville printers on the Churchfield estate in Salisbury to tie up loose ends.

Our poetry group the Kingfishers, held at the Salisbury Art Centre, has just launched our new anthology, so we had a lot to do.

We have just closed the curtains, switched on the tv and watched the Spooks box sets.

Rachel, who happens to be a carer, told us she and her husband Paul was going to cook our Christmas dinner. What a wonderful thing to do. It’s so good to have such great people living close. They make such a difference. We loved and enjoyed our Christmas feast that they supplied to us.

Ella is their granddaughter and she makes our Christmas when she calls in with Rachel. Ella is Christmas to us.

Our book is out now, and we have sold quite a lot. Husband Ken designed the cover and I am so proud of him.

God bless our Queen and her family. God bless all of you.

Josephine Smith, Hedges Close, Shipton Bellinger