ONE week on and the Brexit mess continues apace.

The deal which was not negotiable according to the prime minister is now negotiable according to the prime minister. What has changed? Not the EU which has been steadfast in saying there is no room for manoeuvre. Is it the Irish on the backstop? Certainly not. Aside from the DUP, the other Irish on both sides of the border are far from happy. We tend to forget Northern Ireland voted Remain. What has not changed is the Conservative party continues to put party before country and decided to kick the can down the road yet again. This is unsatisfactory whether you voted leave or remain.

May is now offering incentives to Labour MPs to vote for a deal by promising cash injections into their constituencies. This was successful with the DUP and cost £1bn which could have been better spent on the NHS and policing. You might care to note that if we as candidates undertook a similar activity with voters, we would be committing a criminal offence. Meanwhile, Corbyn offers no alternative. Back in the real world, businesses and companies are preparing for major disruption to their supply chains and scaling back on spending and hiring plans. You will remember that arch-Brexiteers Rees-Mogg and Dyson are jumping ship. However, this is not possible for many of us.

An increasing number of people including MPs are so fed up with the whole Brexit thing that any solution will do. The problem with all this is that with power comes responsibility. Whether with the referendum or as an MP, we took on a responsibility and we need to discharge it properly, not just for ourselves but also future generations. Furthermore, all the current options, May’s Deal or No Deal, will involve a long and protracted process of negotiation after March. In other words, Brexit will continue to plague us for years to come. The answer to all this is simple. If you want to protect our jobs and our sanity, we need to bin Brexit.

Luigi Gregori, Charlton Road, Andover.