I LIKE many others in Andover read with incredulity the report on Mr Edmonds who was caught speeding for the third time in the Advertiser of January 25 (page 8, ‘Speeding once again) and did not receive a ban despite it being his third offence in a year.

I was further surprised to read a report on another speeding offence in the Advertiser on page 2 of the February 1 issue (Speeding ban’) which produced a four month ban for the same offence of 50mph over the 70mph limit.

I am not sure what is going on with the magistrates in the local vicinity but it would appear that they are not all singing from the same hymn sheet where sentencing is concerned! It does beg the question whether all are being treated equally under the eyes of the law.

Mr Edmonds can consider himself very lucky.

Kim Nott, Watermills Close, Andover.