AS IS to be expected, every negative event throughout the land is now the fault of Brexit.

Typically, Luigi Gregori jumps on this bandwagon, as others are wont to do, with his letter of February 1 (‘Ticking on down’) and in typical fashion confuses fact with fiction.

He inadvertently highlights one of the salient facts of life — those with lots of money can afford to live abroad, arrange dual nationality to spend time abroad, etc. None of this is relevant to the ordinary citizen. He gives examples of companies making business decisions which take manufacturing out of the UK but in the case of Dyson omits to point to the increased UK investment being made. He ignores, intentionally I’m sure, all those moves in recent years out of the UK by businesses (and there are many) enabled and encouraged by EU grants (our money again being used against our interests).

He then goes on to quote Nigel Farage and Dominic Raab as saying that staying in the EU is better than Mrs May’s deal as if they were stating a preference for the former. What he did not say is that leaving completely is far, far, far better than either of those options.

The failure of parliament to respect the referendum result — and to achieve a simple retirement from the EU without strings — starkly illustrates the disconnect between parliament and people and will lead to strengthening calls for parliamentary reform once Brexit is behind us. It may even lead to civil unrest if a clean Brexit is never behind us.

So — never mind another vote — we had one of those. Let’s leave now — cut all the strings, accept any genuine short term (and relatively minor) disadvantages by leaving for the inestimable benefit of being free to be once more in control of our own destiny.

Stanley Oram, Bulbery, Abbotts Ann.