I MUST compliment the Andover Advertiser on leading the letters pages of the October 11 edition with two entries worthy of Private Eye (‘Post-war plan’ and ‘Commit treason?’).

It came as a shock to me and I dare say most of your readers that the EU is a dastardly plot by Nazis to sort out the plucky Brits once and for all The EU forerunner was the European Coal and Steel Community set up by the joint efforts of Schuman (France), Adenauer (West Germany) and De Gasperi (Italy) amongst others. These three were all Catholics and had suffered persecution under the Nazis because of their democratic beliefs. They shared a vision of a Europe free from war and believed in the liberal approach that cooperation and trade were better than conflict.

Forward a few decades with Margaret Thatcher championing a single market across Europe as it was in British national interests. This cleverly established Britain as a launching pad for foreign industry penetrating Europe. One of the great manifestations of this was the German, Indian and Japanese carmakers. These same carmakers are voting with their feet and getting ready to leave as we head towards Brexit. The EU is not a Nazi plot to deindustrialise us — the current Conservative government is doing that for us. Furthermore, Corbyn’s position is that the EU is a capitalist plot to keep the working classes under control. Yet the reality is, and I have served in mainland Europe, that workers there enjoy greater protections and rights.

Mixed in with the Nazi plots, are the usual accusations of treason. As somebody who accepted the Queen’s shilling for over 30 years, this is irritating. The increasing lack of manners is not good for all of us. Whilst I believe that we should remain in the European Union, as a Liberal Democrat I also respect the right for people to disagree with me. We need to moderate our language as what is said cannot be unsaid, and we all will have to live together after Brexit or whatever.

The Liberal Democratic policy is a second referendum with a clear Remain option, or if we win the next general election, we will revoke Article 50 and remain without a referendum. You might criticise our position, but unlike that of other parties, it is clear, crystal clear. Remember: Demand Better than Brexit.

Luigi Gregori, Charlton Road, Andover