AROUND 10 million grandparents in the UK support the day to day care of children. Children have grown up in a digital world, and given half a chance will spend hours on their tablets or phones. Some grandparents may feel they are out of their depth when it comes to technology, but more than ever children need a guiding hand to stay safe.

Grandparents and their grandchildren have a special relationship, and we want to give grandparents the confidence to take care of children as they explore the online world. It can be a wonderful place of connection, entertainment and creativity, but there are dangers. The good news is you don’t need to be a digital expert to help keep children safe: n Be interested in what your grandchildren are doing online: ask them to show you how it works, the games they are playing, what they like to watch and who they enjoy talking to. If the people seem a bit too old, the games or films too scary or brutal, or your child is sharing too much with strangers - gently say so. Trust your instincts.

n Negotiate boundaries: For example, limit time on the internet, and check that the games and apps are age appropriate. Coax them to spend time with you offline playing games or going for a walk. It's these times they will remember.

n Let them know you are there for them. If anything they read, see or hear online worries or scares them you have a lot of life experience and will try to help.

n Try using apps and social media yourself - ask your grandchild to show you how!

n Look out for signs that your grandchild is unusually sad or withdrawn, or seem anxious or upset. Let them know they can tell you anything.

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Lauren Seager-Smith, Chief executive officer, Kidscape