Last week's Advertiser saw a quarter-page full of drivel that repeated itself over again from the manager of Andover BID.

This ended in the conclusion that Andover people are responsible for the demise of the shops in Andover, well that is how I read it!

I obviously wrongly thought that the Andover BID's main aim was to up the footfall in the town by bringing outside new trade in, not to criticise the shopping habits of the locals who have kept small businesses in trade in Andover for years.

This said the Andover BID has now had five years to attract new trade and also convince the locals to spend even more money in the town, instead of them using the slightly out-of-town, free-parking supermarkets that do not pay into the BID.

Could I be wrong in saying the smaller businesses are supporting the larger businesses because of the BID?

I suspect the five years of the BID will be coming to an end later this year, and so will all the self-glory being written in the Advertiser.

Another vote to take place and my advice to local Andover people is to talk to the smaller businesses, let them know you will still support them should they not vote for the BID and save themselves money.

There is a public social media site called Against BID where businesses in towns all over the country are unhappy and want out of the BID!

Ron Wood

Ashfield Road


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