I am writing this letter from Sherwood Park which is near Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

I’m trying to reach out to anyone reading this letter who may have known my good friend Brian Leonard King. 

A number of years ago Brian resided at Azalea Court, Floral Way Andover.

He lived in the same complex I lived in whilst I was an exchange teacher from Canada.

He and I became very good friends. When I returned to Canada after one year, we corresponded regularly but over time we fell out of touch.

I’ve often thought about my good friend and his family.

I recently tried to look him up but much to my sadness learned that he passed away on May 8, 2014. 

I learned of this news having read a small write-up in the Andover Advertiser. 

He had two lovely daughters, Beverley and Leslie.

I believe his significant other’s name was Jean though I did not know her last name and there is no way of my being able to get in touch with her. He spoke highly of her. 

I believe they eventually moved to a place called Lee-on-the-Solent in the south of England after Brian retired. 

I would very much like to get in touch with Beverley, Leslie or his partner Jean. Perhaps there was a memorial service write-up held in Brian’s honour that I might read?

Perhaps anyone reading this letter who knew Brian socially or from work can help me make a connection with his loved ones. 

I would be so very grateful. I can be reached at meerkatsfriends@gmail.com

Frank Horvath

Sherwood Park

Alberta Canada

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