I’m sending this email in full support of the letter from Frank Day (Letters, August 11).

How anyone can describe the town centre as lovely is beyond belief!

Born and bred in Andover, I think I can safely say, it is not anymore! The first stage of the much-lauded revamp by Wilkinsons, is now just a muddy mess, the grass all worn away, and the seats covered in duck and pigeon mess, and despite the signs saying “Do not feed bread to us", people still heave loaves at them!

More than 15 minutes of rain and Bridge Street floods, the old Chinese Dragon Garden restaurant is an eye sore, whatever work that was going on in there, appears to have been abandoned long ago.

Looking up the High Street, well what can you say! I was led to believe it was meant to be traffic-free. Drivers still ignore the signs at the entrance to the High Street, you are always looking out for e-scooters and cyclists going at ridiculous speeds, weaving in and out of the pedestrians,

The scaffolding and red and white barriers are now just accepted as the norm, they have been there so long! The old Charlton News shop is borderline derelict, lumps are falling off Poundland, and as for the old M&S store, can we not get the art students from the college to paint those grim blackboards and brighten the place up a bit?

The Guildhall looks great, but what’s the point, if all around it is falling down! The High Street is meant to be a focal point, maybe close it off completely after 6.30pm, especially in summer, allow pubs and coffee shops to put more chairs and tables out, invite local entertainment to perform. The Foresters pub showed how to do it during the bank holidays and the carnival, close the road, use the space, a great time had by all.

How about an Andover Advertiser campaign? Ask the people if they would like to see the High Street used more, and how. Sorry, but I am just being honest. Lovely Andover it ain't!

John Bickell


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