AS MANY of your readers will be aware, The British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical Shop is closing its doors for the last time on 30th September.

The closure affects permanent staff, including the store’s loyal and long-serving managers Tracey and Terri, who will become unemployed.

Also affected, are the many volunteers, several deemed ‘unemployables’ by many Andover businesses, who will also be at a loss to find a gainful use of their time, potentially exposing them to feelings of rejection and worthlessness.

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Then, there are the many visitors to the store, some coming daily, just looking for a friendly ear to listen to their woes, sharing life’s highs and lows, because they have no one else to talk to. Where will they go?

And, in addition to these people, there are countless small businesses, van drivers, electricians, window cleaners, to name but a few, who will also be adversely affected by the store’s closure.  

Where are they all going to go? What is going to happen to this small, but very important hub within the Andover community?

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To be clear, the British Heart Foundation has made the decision to close the shop, not those who manage it, yet many times a day, staff who are keeping it running to the very end, are subjected to angry and hurtful comments from Andover folk, who cannot understand why the shop is closing.

So, please spare a thought for their feelings and concerns for an uncertain future. Instead of tactless comments, thank them for what they have given to Andover, they deserve that, at least.

And above all else, please be kind!

Jane Lynch

British Heart Foundation Shop Volunteer

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