AFTER all the publicity about libraries I decided after five years to go and pay a visit to the library in the Chantry Centre.

I remember it as being dingy, dark and rather malodorous and not really a place that one wanted to linger in for any length of time. Reader, I was gobsmacked!

Light bright and airy with everything you could wish for.

All the latest novels are available and you can borrow downloads for your e reader.

In fact there was so much choice that I hardly knew where to start. I left with a book on mind mapping, a subscription for annual film membership and a download for my e-reader.

A delightful member of staff is checking archives for some research that I am doing which I could not find on Google and will contact me by email when it arrives.

Plus, if I want to renew my books I just ping them an email. . . bliss.

It really is a little gold mine and best of all, it is free!

Diana Stephenson, The Limes, Amport.