Just over a week after Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) passed the wide reaching 'masterplan' for the rejuvenation of the town centre, residents are still less than enthused. 

A quick vox pop of Andover residents on market day, asking for their thoughts on the plan to replace the Chantry Centre and make sweeping changes throughout the town centre, revealed many misgiving from cost to general disbelief in the scheme, which passed unopposed last month. 

John Gallop said: “Where is the money coming from? I think it’s the BID (Business Improvement District) doing it.” 

Sarah Marshall, aged ‘in her 40s’ said: “A new centre would be nice but I’m concerned that such grand plans would cause years of disruption to the town. And where’s the money coming from?” 

Others simply didn’t believe the scheme would come to fruition summed by James (no last name given), 54 who said: “I bet it won’t come to anything with shops closing all the time.” 

While 28-year-old Robert simply said: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” 

Other concerns included the lack of a library in the new plans, while Peter, who is blind, was concerned that drastic changes would make it harder for him to navigate the town centre.  

Online reaction mirrored that of the vox pop reaction. 

Samantha Smith commented: “Will believe it when it happens,” echoed by Susan French, who said: “Yeah believe it when I see it.” 

Not everyone, however, saw the glass as half empty as Amanda Macken commentated: “Looks great!!! Glad to see everyone is being so positive as usual.”