David Borrett

History Columnist

David Borrett is the Advertiser's new history columnist.

David Borrett is the Advertiser's new history columnist.

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History: Know more about the secret tunnels under Andover streets

This is a picture of the old part of East Street, taken by Charles Wardell in 1960, looking north towards what is now the roundabout at Swan Court. The houses on the right still exist today, minus the two in the foreground. The house to the right of the lamp post (No 28) was demolished in early 1963 and when the contractors began to tear it down, some interesting features caused Mr Wardell to go to the house with his camera and record what was there.

Andover History: This postcard of Bridge Street from 1904 has a story to tell

This postcard photograph, taken by Frederick Pearse, was posted in 1904 and looks down Bridge Street from its crossing with the High Street. The imposing cast iron gas-lamp in the foreground once stood in front of the Guildhall but was replaced in 1887 by a new more elaborate lamp and water fountain celebrating Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.