AS HALF-term approaches, The Lights will host an enchanting display of theatre for little ones and adults alike to enjoy.

On Thursday, February 21, Hodepodge Theatre will take to the stage on their quest to deliver the ultimate pick-me-up to one of the world’s largest mammals.

Harry Hippo has lost his smile and cannot seem to get it back. No matter what he tries or where he looks, Harry cannot find his smile anywhere.

Encouraged by resident motormouth Olly the Oxpecker, Harry and Olly set off on a journey across Uganda to see new sights, hear new sounds and learn new things.

Along the way, Harry will get the chance to discover exactly what it is that makes him truly happy and where to find his smile when he gets sad.

The audience is encouraged to get involved and offer the cast all the help they can as Harry is taken on a journey.

Hodgepodge Theatre was formed in the South West of England in 2016, and the company aims to create fun, accessible and informative family theatre.

Featuring puppetry, comedy and lots of audience interaction, Be Happy, Harry Hippo comes to The Lights on Thursday, February 21 at 11am and is suitable for ages three and over.

Tickets cost £7 or £12 for two for Spotlight members.

To book, call The Lights box office on 01264 368368 or go to