AN ANONYMOUS group of nifty knitters have added further Christmas cheer to the town by converting one of the High Street’s concrete balls into a snowman.

The mysterious group known as the Spitfire Knitters formed in May this year as a result of their common love of all things yarn-like.

Their lead knitter also recently received a Business Incentive Grant from Test Valley Borough Council, after setting up a local shop selling everything from beautiful buttons to hand spun wool.

A spokesperson for the Spitfire Knitters said: “We wanted to bring a little harmless anarchic fun to the town. Andover is a great place and we just want to give people a little extra something to smile about.

“We formed the group purely so we could get together once a week as friends and have a laugh.

Knitting is incredibly good for you. It isn’t just about knitting clothes, you can knit whatever you like. I would encourage everyone to pick up their needles and wool and have some fun.”

The woolly enthusiasts have whispered plans to add one or two new characters over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for any new additions.