ANDOVER company Natural Harmony Productions has seen its sleep and relaxation CDs go sky high.

Airline British Airways will be offering Natural Harmony Production’s CDs on selected long haul flights as part of its in-flight entertainment for the rest of the year, beginning this month.

Company director Anna Rowe explained the inspiration behind producing her r e l a x i n g CDs, saying: “ H a v i n g worked with many parents whose babies and children had sleep problems, I knew I wanted to help alleviate any anxiety and worry for parents travelling with babies and children on long haul flights.

“After an exhausting flight back from New Zealand with screaming children overtired and unable to sleep, my late father-in-law said I needed to do something with my sleep CDs, airlines need to put them on their planes.”

Anna’s quest to speak to British Airways was a tough one but she eventually prevailed: “I approached British Airways by sending them a letter which I placed in a white envelope and tied with red, white and blue ribbons around it!

“I then followed this up with phone calls to no avail.

“Not being one to give up and taking on board all the advice that I have heard on TV shows like Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice, I knew I had to get in front of the right person.

“I travelled to London to the main office even though I had no appointment.

“Although the person I needed to see was off that day, my letter was passed on and I got a call quite soon after.

“They loved my products and wanted to take all four of them plus one of my original recordings for baby sleep.”

She added: “I am over the moon that my recordings will be heard all around the world and Natural Harmony Productions is flying high!

“I am sad that my late father-in-law is not here to see the outcome of his idea, but I know he will be looking down and smiling.”

Recordings can be purchased by visiting naturalharmonyproductions.

com or can be downloaded from