WINTON Community Academy students took inspiration from British businesswoman Dame Lucy Jeanne Neville-Rolfe when she visited the school.

Students attended a number of workshops throughout the day with Year 10 prefect sessions focusing on leadership and Year 7 and 8 pupils briefly learning about politics.

Dame Lucy gave talks to inspire pupils in the world of business as part of the UK charity Speakers for Schools – a scheme that provides free talks to schools by influential people nationally.

The charity was founded by the BBC’s economic editor Robert Peston.

Prefects debated about career routes via employment or university and if schools provided the basic skills needed for employment, including English and maths.

Dame Lucy voiced her concerns over former Education Minister Michael Gove’s plans to get rid of vocational courses and to only have end of year exams.

She has been president of several businesses and councils including Tesco and Euro Commerce in Brussels.

Head of student development Mr Iain Parsons said: “It was fantastic to welcome Dame Lucy to Winton.

“The visit enabled students to learn a great deal about Dame Lucy’s work, her rise to the top and how her experiences are underpinned by hard work and high expectations.

“It is very much in keeping with Winton Community Academy as we move forward.”