A CAMPAIGN originally intended to cheer up a brave ten-year-old Andover amputee has been shared over 11,000 times, and counting, on Facebook.

Thousands of people from across the globe have shared Teejay Stainer’s story online to help him contact his hero, Eminem.

The Knight’s Enham Junior School pupil has had a prosthetic leg designed in honour of the rapper, and hopes to reach him via the internet campaign.

His mum, Georgina Stainer, said: “It started out because Teejay has an operation coming up and he was feeling really down and worried about it and because he isn’t able to wear a prosthetic leg at the moment.

“He had to have the last week of school off and was missing his friends.

“We took some pictures of Teejay with his prosthetic legs and put an appeal on Facebook in an attempt to cheer him up and take his mind off the upcoming operation.

“We thought it would just be shared and liked by family and friends “But by Thursday morning last week Teejay had well over 3,000 shares overnight.

“Mine and his dad’s Facebook were inundated with messages and friend requests from people all over the world that were sharing Teejay’s appeal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response Teejay has had and is still getting.

“We have had messages from fellow amputees saying what an inspiration Teejay is. With the huge response he has had we are hoping that it is bringing awareness for other amputees and, if that’s all that we achieve, we will be satisfied.

“We haven’t had a response from Eminem as of yet but by the reaction so far Teejay is very hopeful that he will.”

Teejay, who has turned 10 this week, was born with a leg deformity called fibular hemimelia which meant he had it amputated as a baby.

His upcoming operation is the first he has had to have since he was 15 months old and his mother hopes it will be his last.

“We did have one date but that was postponed, and we still don’t have another date yet,” she said.

“While we wait he can’t have his leg on as it rubs and he can’t have broken skin which means he can’t really go anywhere, even though he really wants to.”

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