A TORMENTED Andover footballer texted his girlfriend the name of songs he wanted at his funeral just moments before taking his own life, an inquest has revealed.

Nick Dadds messaged long term partner, Chelsey Mattia, the words ‘Red and Blue’ and ‘Hello’ in his final moments before hanging himself from a bridge near Pilgrims Way in December last year.

When asked the meaning of the words by coroner Grahame Short, Miss Mattia replied: “They were songs for his funeral.”

Mr Short was also told at the inquest, held at Winchester Coroner’s Court last week, that the talented Andover New Street striker suffered from severe anxiety and mental health issues which eventually led to his suicide on 11 December.

According to Miss Mattia, who had two children with Mr Dadds during their “on-off” 11-year relationship, the 26-year-old’s issues worsened during his trial for causing grievous bodily harm following an incident in Andover in 2014.

Mr Dadds was subsequently handed a 28-month prison sentence at Winchester Crown Court.

The coroner was told that during his trial the Galahad Close resident developed severe anxiety over fears he would be given a custodial sentence and, after consulting his GP, was given anti-anxiety medication.

His condition worsened during his stint in HMP Winchester, as the footballer was said to be in “constant fear of attack”.

His anxiety continued, even when he was released from prison in May 2015.

However according to Miss Mattia he showed signs of improvement throughout the year. This quickly changed in October 2015 when Mr Dadds had a chance meeting with his attack victim.

Although probation reports suggested the tone of the meeting was “amicable”, Mr Dadds apparently held deep fears about “retribution from his victim and his associates”.

Miss Mattia claimed that the father-of-two quickly deteriorated following the encounter.

Shortly after he made several suggestions that he would make an attempt on his own life – the worst being a “pill overdose” for which he was taken to hospital in October.

Despite meetings with health officials and support from family and friends, Mr Dadds’ mental state continued to deteriorate.

On the night prior to his death he contacted friend Vanessa Walkden to ask if she had any alcohol.

Mrs Walkden said that she did not but that her and friend Nicola Colpitts would go out and buy some.

Mr Dadds drank with the two women until around 5am the next morning before walking Mrs Walkden home.

Knowing that Mr Dadds and Miss Mattia were going through a rocky patch in their relationship, Miss Walkden offered him a place on her sofa.

Mr Dadds, who was working as a labourer at the time of his death, declined and returned home to Miss Mattia.

During a short visit to the house Mr Dadds collected a hoodie, jogging bottoms and a bottle of vodka before leaving.

Miss Mattia later discovered the missing bottle and quickly called her partner.

After a brief discussion Mr Dadds sent a text saying that he was “finally strong enough to do it”, prompting a concerned Miss Mattia to contact the police and Mr Dadds’ mother, Helen Duke.

The group attempted to locate Mr Dadds, who was visiting friend Stacie Judge in Colenzo Drive, but he refused to tell them of his whereabouts.

Following the brief visit Mr Dadds left Colenzo Drive and made his way to the nearby underpass which connects Toledo Grove and Pilgrims Way.

He was found hanging by a 12-year-old girl and a dog walker at around 8am.

Despite attempts to resuscitate him, Mr Dadds was pronounced dead at the scene.

Toxicology reports suggested Mr Dadds was slightly over the drink drive limit at the time of his death and had a recreational amount of cocaine in his system.

Concluding, Mr Short said: “It would appear he had a history of what could be described as historical mental complications linked to excess alcohol.

“Although he was not diagnosed with any condition it is clear to me he suffered from anxiety.”

Ruling Mr Dadds’ death as a suicide by hanging, he said: “I find it was a deliberate act and although he drank alcohol he clearly wasn’t intoxicated at that stage. I am sure that this act was a suicide.”