Residents of an Andover care home and children from a local nursery joined together for an experimental afternoon to help improve their health and happiness last month.

Harrier Grange care home and Bright Horizons Dandelions Nursery were inspired by the Channel 4 programme “Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds” aired in October, where pensioners and pre-school children shared daily activities which gave benefits to both sides.

The older generation saw physical and mental health improvements while the children were able to develop their language in confidence.

In Andover, eight of the Monxton Road-based nursery children bonded with their older counterparts over reading books, singing nursery rhymes and playing games.

Harrier Grange manager Kay Kelly said the staff were keen to re-create the “special experience” inspired on the documentary, and found their re-enactment extremely positive.

Bright Horizons Dandelions Nursery manager Katy Goodship added: “The children had great fun visiting Harrier Grange care home. They particularly liked showing the residents their Halloween masks they had made and also enjoyed singing some nursery rhymes, encouraging them to join in with the actions too.”