A DISABLED couple who tied the knot four months ago have now got their happily ever after and moved into their very own bungalow.

David and Ciara Stow got married at St George’s Church in Andover earlier this year, after first locking eyes two years ago at arts and crafts club.

The happy couple now celebrated their next landmark of a new home together, which was secured by Enham Trust, with a tea party at the house last Thursday.

David and Ciara were joined by fellow married couple James and Debbie Goatman as part of the ensemble who celebrated the occasion.

The celebration was organised by the couple’s live-in carers manager April Ling from Abicare.

With Abicare, David and Ciara are taken out shopping, visiting friends and family and attending the theatre, and the couple, despite living separately, are determined to remain part of the community at Enham Trust.

Plans have been discussed this week for a monthly meet up so they can stay in touch with friends.