A ‘FED UP’ resident is looking to launch a campaign over a ‘dangerous’ road with ‘diabolical’ lighting and an unfinished footpath.

Lance Mitchell says he has tried for six years to find which authority has responsibility for the pavement outside his home.

The 61-year-old lives on a section of Charlton Road known as The Old Creamery, which also includes Custom Interconnect Limited (CIL) and Dairy Court.

He moved into his home shortly after it was built six years ago but an adjoining footpath was never completed, being left as hardcore.

The pavement is uneven with loose stones, with Mr Mitchell saying this makes it a trip hazard and as it is difficult to walk on safely, people opt to walk in the road instead, including parents with toddlers and pushchairs.

The author is afraid something dire will have to take place before anything is done. He said: “They have to jump in the hedge whenever delivery vans go zooming up and down there very quickly.

“I think somebody’s going to be knocked over, possibly even killed. It would end in tragedy.”

Mr Mitchell said street lighting is also a concern as the poles have been placed in the middle of the walkway making it more challenging to walk down.

He believes the street lights have never worked and has complained to the authorities but to no avail.

Other residents are frustrated with the situation with one calling the lack of street lighting ‘diabolical’.

Mr Mitchell says he has resorted to starting a campaign as he feels no one wants to take responsibility for the road and its facilities.

He says he has repeatedly contacted borough and county councillors, his local MP and a past housing developer of the road who have all referred him elsewhere.

The veteran added : “I’m fed up with nobody taking responsibility for this and the only action I’ve seen is the passing of emails to somebody else where they disappear into a black hole.

“It’s dangerous because lots of people use that road as a free overflow car park from the station, so they park outside our houses, some as much as five days.

“So that means that narrows that street even more so the vans and lorries rushing up and down there are in the middle of the road.”