Andover Town Council is playing its part in being a collective voice for Andover residents. Working with key partners we are making Andover a better place, having strategic discussions on projects and plans that affect Andover’s future.

All Andover Town Councillors are all local residents, and know what it is like to live, work, and socialise in Andover. Town Councillors volunteer with a wide range of local clubs, charities and schools giving us broad visibility of activity in the town.

I am passionate about Andover, and so in May took the decision to raise the profile of the Town Council and all of its great work by using the official title of Town Mayor, while this has been a topic of discussion, it is already meaning that Andover is better recognised.

2018 will see the Town Council move into new offices, giving better access, and more possibilities. We are truly blessed with three wonderful members of staff who care about Andover, and are willing to get stuck in and genuinely go above and beyond to help the town.

There is more to do, Andover Town Council needs to be better at telling people what we are doing, and celebrating our successes; we need to do more consultation with local residents. The goal and vision of Andover Town Council is to be the voice of Andover, something we do effectively when people work with us. If there are things that residents, think that we should be involved in, or speaking out about, then please do talk to us. We are your Town Council, here to work for you.

Season’s Greetings to all residents, and best wishes for a successful 2018 and beyond, on behalf of Andover Town Council and your Andover Town Mayor.