RESIDENTS have hit out at drivers they feel are putting their children’s lives at risk by speeding through their village.

Simon Jackson has said he has noticed that traffic has increased through Little London, with motorists speeding past his home on Frenches Farm Lane and through the main village road.

Mr Jackson said he blames ‘inconsiderate’ drivers for their actions, rather than any businesses in the area, while traffic has built up since the nearby Augusta Park development began.

The 52-year-old said: “It’s been mayhem. There’s always a proportion of good drivers and a proportion of poor drivers.

“We can’t let it be dangerous for our kids, it’s not fair to do that for us.

“They don’t live here, they don’t have that personal responsibility, so they don’t see the consequences.

“People come tanking through like bats out of hell in a hurry.

“We have to do something about it because we have to protect our children, our pets and ourselves.”

His wife, Linn, added: “In the the week they’re rushing out to work and you get people speeding though. It’s like taking your life in your hands going down that road.”

Mr Jackson added he believed it is just a ‘matter of time before someone is killed’ and the issue has been building up over the years.

On one occasion many years ago, Mr Jackson was going on a trip with his now expartner and her daughter.

The nine-year-old girl went back to the house and when she returned a car sped past as she opened the garden gate.

He said: “She opened the gate, something flashed past her and we our lives stopped at that moment. We could do nothing, we screamed, my partner just burst into tears.

“They were doing about 50, 60mph, and if they had hit her she would’ve been flung 50 yards.”

Mr Jackson is now hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding.

Nearly half of the village’s residents turned up or asked to be represented in a parish meeting hoping to address the issue.

Chairman of Smannell Parish Council, Councillor Rod Bowker, confirmed the council has asked Hampshire County Council to have a look into the matter.