PICKET Twenty residents were left in “absolutely disgusting” conditions as downpours left raw sewage coming through the drains and water levels reaching people’s doors.

Heavy rain throughout January caused roads and pavements at the Andover development to be flooded.

Housing developer Persimmon Homes is responsible for the roads and residents have told The Advertiser these issues are part of a bigger infrastructure problem.

Resident Ross Henry said: “Every time it rains it floods in the same places.

“All those drains are blocked it is not just that week, there’s slightly more water because it rained a lot but it is every time.

“Infrastructure has always had a problem of flooding, surface drains are filled up to the brim with silt so they are all blocked. It’s been like this since I moved here in July.

“I have personally reported it on a few occasions and looking at the Facebook page lots of other people are reporting it as well, they just don’t do anything. I have spoken to a couple of people and flooding is going up to people’s front doors, cars are being covered in dirty water and silt, it is shockingly bad.”

“I saw a Mini driving through big water the other day and the number plate was pulled off the front of the car, it was being dragged along the road and eventually came off.”

The flooding of the estate was discussed at a meeting of Andover Town Council last Thursday, where Test Valley borough councillor Iris Andersen referred to the area as a “swimming pool”.

Cllr Andersen said: “I have been working with Persimmon [Homes] to try and resolve the flooding issue with this terrible rain water we have had. The roads have been atrocious at Picket Twenty.

“I have been working hard with Persimmon these last couple of days to try and get some answers because it’s absolutely disgusting what [the residents] are having to put up with.

“It’s a swimming pool up there.”

At the meeting it was suggested the borough council’s environmental health team could look into the issue.

Hampshire County Council will take over road maintenance from Persimmon Homes once the developer meets required standards, but county councillor Zilliah Brooks said until then the council cannot take any action.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes South Coast said: “We have experienced an issue with drainage at the end of Quick Silver Way as it meets Picket Twenty Way due to the exceptionally heavy and persistent rain that we have experienced over the past week.

“However, works are in place to address these issues. The surface currently has a temporary running course which is to be replaced with permanent, porous block paving which will overcome the temporary drainage issues that we are experiencing.

“In the short-term, we will continue to remove accumulated water using our road sweeper. However, we are also looking at accelerating completion of this short section of road or introducing some additional drainage measures.”

As reported last year, residents complained about the lack of infrastructure on the estate and community forum deputy chairman Adam Buckenham said slow progress had been made since.

He said: “When it rains come down here and see for yourself there are whole pockets of areas that flood. There is a problem with the draining facilities. It’s indefensible that nothing has been done. It’s pass the buck and no one spends any money.

“Residents bought houses, they paid their fees for ground maintenance. The question has to be - what are they paying for? Because it is not paying for street lighting, it is not upkeep of the roads. They are suffering quite horribly down there - flooded-out properties, raw sewage. It is not good enough.

“This is what I was fighting for a year ago. I have got a headache now from banging my head against a brick wall.”

Picket Twenty Community Forum aims to voice residents’ views on the development, for more information contact P20forum@pickettwenty.org.uk.