A TOWN centre music festival has announced its return for a second year with promise to be “bigger and better” this April.

Andover Rocks raises funds for a local cause by hosting a two-day musical event with indoor and outdoor venues, gigs and workshops across Andover on 6 and 7 April.

In 2017, more than 200 performers, venues and volunteers collaborated to bring together the debut festival and raised £3,325 for The Junction’s music project for adult mental health.

This year, organiser Marie Ponting said the festival is coming back with more to offer and is raising money for Southern Health’s community mental health team to provide music therapy.

Ms Ponting said: “One thing I learnt through my own illness [postnatal depression] is that music is massive, music is in school, there’s music when you get married, when you plan a funeral you plan the music. Everything is music.

“We don’t have any music therapy in Andover and we are missing a trick here because there is no music therapy in mental health services anywhere.

“Music really, really helped me, I started doing open mic nights and it was great therapy.

“As a community we can do this and raise the funds to provide that.”

The former Mind charity worker also said more workshops will be put on for this year’s festival, with a new arts and crafts section and children’s poetry.

She added: “There is definitely more to do this year, more for children and the bands were phenomenal last year and they are phenomenal this year.”

A total of 500 wristbands will go on sale 17 March.

The opening night will be hosted at The Malthouse with a meditation to music workshop, an evening of jazz and a fire poi display, and an array of festivities will take place at The White Hart, The Malthouse, The Time Ring, The Rockhouse, Andover Methodist Church and Café Bridge over the weekend.

Tickets will be on sale at The White Hart, The Rockhouse, The Malthouse and Stringbrokers.

For more visit Andover Rocks 2018 on Facebook.