A RECORD number of Year 5 pupils enjoyed a festival of laboratory activities to learn about STEM subjects.

Last month, Winton Community Academy invited 357 pupils from its eight partner schools to discover science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Pilgrim’s Cross, Endeavour, Knight’s Enham and Roman Way packed into the school on the first day, with Smannell, Anton, Vigo and Andover C of E visiting on Tuesday.

The students were treated to a variety of activities and got to experience life at Winton by working with equipment in the science, technology and catering laboratories.

They were set a series of tasks and challenges around the school, all following the main theme for the day of heating and cooling.

Activities included wax painting, hot air balloon making, chocolate sculpture, hot and cold science reactions and a “particularly fiendish” maths ‘whodunit’ puzzle.

Some of the pupils were also given the chance to make burgers and others bread rolls, which were enjoyed by the students during the BBQ at lunchtime.

The afternoons saw the launch of the balloons and although the weather was not particularly conducive to high flying, pupils and staff enjoyed the one that burst into a fireball.