AS THE deadline looms for residents to have their say on transport cuts totalling £1.1 million across the county, concerns have been raised about the impact proposals could have on Overton residents.

Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) consultation period, which aims to gauge views on changes and added costs that could be made to services, comes to an end on Sunday.

Laverstoke and Freefolk transport representative Stephanie Ogden has raised concerns over proposals to charge 50p for single journeys made using an Older Person’s Concessionary Bus Pass, and remove discounts from pass holders for the Taxishare, Dial-a-Ride and Call and Go services.

Mrs Ogden said: “I have spoken to people I have met around town and they don’t know anything about it.

“I’m worried mainly about the cost. 50p per journey can mount up quite a lot. What about the people going for hospital visits and treatment? It is difficult to raise a lot of money I just feel the most vulnerable people are going to be affected by this.”

According to Overton transport representative Brian Langer Overton’s Shuttle Service, the number 74 bus, has been assured to continue for another year and is reminding residents it is “important that usage doesn’t slip.”

The service currently costs HCC £13,648 with 6,240 passenger journeys annually.

The Whitchurch Local Service which also runs through Overton, the number 59, is supported by Basingstoke and Deane Council.

Mrs Ogden added: “Overton is a hilly place. If you are in your 70s and 80s living by the train station you couldn’t walk from there into town. The 74 brings people into town to do shopping.

“If it is cut out, are they prepared to pay £4.50 twice a week [for Dial-a-Ride and Call and Go services] to do some shopping?”

“If the bus services aren’t used we are going to lose some of them. Those people who fought for the community bus services ages ago are very concerned.”

HCC has said the added charges to older person’s bus pass holders will be subject to a national law change.

Mr Langer said: “If you are needing a number of buses to reach your journeys how many 50ps do you have to pay? It’s not clarified. My own personal view is the council is being somewhat disingenuous as they can’t make that change without the government making changes to the law. You can’t get anything like that changed quickly. It is just a nonstarter for savings next year.

“I think we are going to be facing some of the savings HCC are putting forward. I can understand they are having to make savings; it does seems a lot of this is central government policies which is not helping rural communities.”

To have your say go to by August 5.