TRAVELLERS who moved onto a playing field almost two weeks ago could be moved on this week.

Two caravans pitched up on the green area in Old Down Road on July 24, but around six more vehicles have since arrived after it is believed the group were evicted from the Britax Excelsior site.

Some residents living near the encampment have said the travellers have been “no trouble” and have been clearing up, leaving bin bags along a hedge ready for collection.

But one neighbour, who asked not to be named, said there was a verbal altercation and were shouting “rude words” as she drove past.

It has also been highlighted that the vans have blocked off an alleyway running behind the Magic Roundabout pub which has left many dog walkers having to use a different route.

Another resident said: “We have had no trouble, they have been quite quiet, but at night time is when it is really noisy when the dogs start barking.”

The resident added they were kept awake one night due to the hum of a generator and barking from dogs.

It is understood that a writ was served on the travellers on July 26 and today (August 7) Test Valley Borough Council is believed to be in court in a bid to gain a notice of eviction.

Neighbours have also said that TVBC is planning to block off the park, with bollards or barriers, to stop a similar situation in the future.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary confirmed that it was aware of the encampment.

He added: “Officers have attended the site and spoken with the occupants and have been liaising with the local council.”