A DRUG addict who stole valuable clocks from a dead man’s house has been jailed for two years.

Graham Stockwell, aged 49, targeted a rural home in Kimpton in a raid, smashing patio doors with a garden gnome before unscrewing the locks.

He then ransacked the home looking for items of value before stealing two sentimental clocks.

One of the antiques, a long case clock, was valued at £1,800, while the other, a grandfather clock worth £1,200.

On Friday, August 17, Winchester Crown Court heard that Stockwell was caught after his blood was found on smashed pieces of glass.

Prosecuting, Dawn Hyland said: “David Smith had been keeping an eye on his deceased father’s property and visited after a bout of extremely cold weather. He arrived at the property and discovered it had been broken into.”

The court heard when he was arrested Stockwell, of Bridge Street, Andover, denied being involved before offering no comment to further questions asked by police in interview.

But the grandfather pleaded guilty to the burglary at an earlier hearing at Basingstoke Magistrates Court on June 28.

Ms Hyland added that Stockwell has been before the courts a number of times for other burglaries, shoplifting and fraud.

Defending, Jane Rowley said her client has shown remorse, but when committing the crime he was “totally out of it” from alcohol and drugs.

“He is totally horrified and devastated by what he did which was the motivation to start to get himself together,” Ms Rowley said.

“He has rid himself of the drugs that had put him in that state. He was abusing a cocktail of drugs.

“Mr Stockwell has pulled himself together because he has to be there for his family.”

Judge Richard Parkes was told that Stockwell is now taking care of his grandchildren following his son’s divorce.

But, in sentencing Judge Parkes disputed that Stockwell was capable of taking care of his grandchildren and said in a report from probation that Stockwell had admitted to continuing drug use.

“I am told you have responsibility for looking after a seven and a nine-year-old, but you are still on heroin.

“You have to go to prison for your offence having regard to your record.

“You can’t have carried away the two clocks yourself as I understand you have a problem with your shoulder and there must have been some planning involved.”

Stockwell cried as he received a two year jail sentence.