A BUSINESS’S success was lauded on Saturday as a glitzy salon officially unveiled its new shopping centre location.

Cindy Carolan had owned Pure Designs hairdressers in High Street for three years before deciding to open a new boutique dedicated to offering a plethora of hair and beauty services.

Her new venture, Cinderella’s Hair Boutique, is located in the Chantry Centre, and Cindy welcomed guests at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.

Attitude of gratitude campaigner Manuela Wahnon cut the ribbon alongside this year’s Andover Carnival prince, princess and attendants.

Cindy said: “It went really well. Everybody was saying how nice it looks and glam and how Andover needed a bit of glam so, it’s what I wanted.”

Speaking of the inspiration to move, she said: “I felt like we were hiding our talents up there. Now people can see what we can do, they can see what we are all capable of.”

Alongside her employees, Cindy gave the unit a makeover, doing everything from plastering to decorating a wall of flowers.

The 36-year-old single mother was inspired to follow in her parent’s footsteps. She added: “My dad, being a hairdresser and having salons in Brighton, I kind of thought I might as well pass it through the family, might as well just go and do it myself now.

“My dad was the fifth in Europe for ladies and men’s hairdressing. He had salons all around Brighton called Tony Carolan’s International and he won so many awards. He did the Queen’s hair as well, just before I was born. When I was a little girl I used to go and sweep the floors.

“I’ve always wanted to do it, its been a little dream. I’ve been doing it 19 years, so it’s taken a while but I’m here now.”

Cindy’s two children were proud to see the product of their mum’s success. She said: “My daughter was very shocked, she was like ‘mum make sure you don’t clutter it up with loads of random stuff’. She came in and she was like ‘oh my god it’s amazing!’”

Alongside a large range of hair services including extensions and Silaplex, the salon also offers beauty treatments.

Cindy is delighted at the positive feedback she has received so far, adding: “I thought people would think that it was just another hairdressers. I haven’t heard that yet from people because we’re different, we do everything.” For more information search for Cinderella’s Hair Boutique on Facebook.