ANDOVER Foodbank will be able to support more people in need thanks to a huge funding boost.

The foodbank, headquartered in Alexandra Road, has been awarded £25,000 from Test Valley Borough Council.

The money will help the charity increase its storage capacity, and in turn be able to meet the needs of more residents through its new enlarged warehouse.

Councillors Christopher Lynn and Sandra Hawke presented the cheque to the foodbank’s community manager, Jenny LeLean, with other community leaders also attending the opening.

Jenny said they were hugely grateful for the funds which meant they could extend their project even further.

Jenny said: “To be in receipt of this incredible amount of money is amazing. Everyone is hugely grateful for this boost in funding which has enabled us to increase our storage with a wonderful warehouse.

“As winter approaches, it is vital we are able to reach those who rely on us, and this now means we can extend and sustain the work that we do.

“Being able to show other members of the council around and give them an insight into the amount of work that goes on was a great opportunity for us.”

Winton councillor Christopher Lynn added: “The amount that Andover Foodbank contributes to the community is immeasurable. All of us at Test Valley Borough Council hope that these funds, and the extra storage space, help the foodbank to reach more in need of this fantastic and dedicated service.

“It was brilliant to be able to see the work that the foodbank does across Andover and even further afield when presenting the funds to Jenny.”

The foodbank opened its warehouse extension on October 12 with civic dignitaries and organisations from around the town attending.

The foodbank was set up in 2006 in the town and companies such as BCM Rural Property Specialists, Aster and John Cribbs & Sons donated their expertise, time and items to help the charity.