BEFORE half term, pupils at Icknield School celebrated the science topic they are studying with a trip.

Students from lower secondary class went to Pizza Express to celebrate the end of their learning on senses.

During the trip, the youngsters’ senses were put to the test in creating their own pizzas.

The children were given the chance to smell all the ingredients for their pizza and tasted the mozzarella, tomato, onion, basil and olives. Only the adults enjoyed the olives while the whole group liked the smell of basil.

Pupils also used their sense of hearing to listen to instructions and they then used their sense of sight to look at photographs to guess which ingredient was next to be used.

And their sense of touch was put to the test when they shaped the pizza dough.

A spokesman for the school said: “The class enjoyed the experience immensely and the best bit was that they got to take their pizza home to share with their families."