THE festive spirit has been in the air at Finkley Down Farm.

Over last weekend, families visited the attraction’s winter wonderland, with a host of activities on offer.

Livestock manager Caroline Snook said: “We are lucky enough to have the real Father Christmas spend the last month before Christmas with us here at Finkley before he has to head back up to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to start his present deliveries.

“There has been a lot of positive feedback after the first weekend and we are incredibly pleased with how Christmas is going so far.

"We try to add something new every year and this year we came up with Father Christmas’ Intergalactic Postal Service. Children write their letter to Father Christmas and pop it inside a golden ball which they send up the curly wurly tube with a jet of air straight up in to space which as it turns out is the quickest way to deliver mail to the North Pole.”

Elsewhere, the farm’s resident reindeers Prince and Harry were given carrots from visitors.