A FORMER military non-profit site has been granted planning permission to become a new homes and a commercial premise.

A planning application to convert the former Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (Naafi) site in Station Road, Tidworth in to eight flats and a new DIY store has gotten the go-ahead.

There were initially concerns with the application due to factors including the entrance to the store being to the rear of the building and the frontage of the shop not having proper windows.

Speaking on social media, mayor of Tidworth, Councillor Mark Connolly said: “The application for the DIY store and eight flats at the old NAAFI site at the top of Station Road was approved by Wiltshire Council’s Eastern Planning Committee today [November 29].

“The committee added two additional conditions to the application to restrict its use to retail and local deliveries, so not a distribution centre, and restrictions on building hours due to it being next to residential properties.”

In a post on Facebook, one Tidworth resident was pleased at the planning approval, saying: “At least we won’t have to travel to Andover or further if we need anything. Hopefully it’s reasonable on pricing! Think it’s a good idea. People need things when moving in and out.”

Other residents were not as pleased with the decisions, with one commenting: “To say I’m disappointed about the flats is a huge understatement.

“Only mildly happy at best about the conditions imposed. Understand something needs doing with the ground but it seems pretty clear that the concerns of us as the residents this will affect has been overlooked/ ignored for the sake of progress...”

There are also concerns that parking may not be sufficient enough.