THE MP for North West Hampshire who campaigned to leave the European Union has revealed he will be supporting prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Kit Malthouse has told the Advertiser he will be voting in favour of the negotiated agreement struck with the 27 member states when MPs are due to cast their ballots in the week beginning January 14.

What is known as the ‘meaningful vote’ was initially scheduled to take place on December 11, but due to the amount of backlash against the deal from parliamentarians across the political spectrum, and both Leavers and Remainers, the government deferred the date in attempts to address the concerns.

Mr Malthouse said while he respects colleagues who will not be voting the same way, he believes the Withdrawal Agreement and associated Political Declaration is the “best available path” to achieve Brexit and maintain good relations with neighbouring countries “at the lowest possible cost to our economy”.

He added: “As many of you will know I voted to leave the EU. No one campaigned harder in North West Hampshire than me: knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and holding public meetings.

“It was an exciting and energising struggle for a cause I had championed over two decades.

“Two years later, after a difficult negotiation and a poor general election result, you will understand why I am unwilling to gamble with Brexit and run the risk of it being annulled or defeated. I am therefore hopeful the prime minister will be successful in her current discussions with the EU and that we will all be voting to support her in the new year by agreeing the Withdrawal Agreement she has negotiated.

“MPs will have to decide in January if the balance struck by this compromise is an acceptable way forward and after careful consideration I have decided to support the government in that vote.”

The MP has also rejected notions of a second referendum, or cancelling Brexit all together as a “dangerous assault on the core of our democracy.”

“I am not willing to gamble with Brexit or with our democracy,” he said.