A MOTHER is spearheading the creation of a centre to help those in the Test Valley affected with cancer, inspired by her daughter’s battle against the disease.

June Beere, from St Mary Bourne, is on a mission to set up a charity to set up a new centre in the Test Valley to support cancer patients and their families.

This support will include complementary therapies that are not necessarily available through the NHS, along with counselling and support on products and services that might improve the wellbeing of those suffering from cancer.

June’s daughter Gemma Kent, a 42-year-old mother of three who lives in Tadley, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May this year, and told by doctors she only had months left to live.

June said: “Gemma was late is being diagnosed and by then her cancer had spread to her liver.

“She was fobbed off with painkillers for six months and it wasn’t until she collapsed and was taken to hospital that they found a huge tumour in her pancreas.

“We were told she had three months if she didn’t have chemotherapy and nine months if she did.”

The family decided to try alternative treatments alongside chemotherapy, which involved travelling back and forth to Istanbul, Turkey for alternative remedies.

There Gemma underwent heat therapy, oxygen therapy and a diet high in vitamin B17, which June says has seen the tumour shrink dramatically in size.

Inspired by the radical difference these treatments have made in her daughter’s battle with cancer, the 62-year-old wants to set up a centre to help others locally.

She said: “When you are blasted with chemo, you end up so poorly. People say that if cancer doesn’t kill you, then chemo will. It just cripples your immune system and the next thing you know, you’ve got a cold that then turns into pneumonia.

“To kick start this project we need the support of our local community. We are desperately seeking people who have experience in the creation and organisation of new charities, people who might be prepared to spare some time to be involved in this very worthwhile project. Also high on our wish list would be premises that could house this centre. If you are aware of any available places that might be suitable, we would be very interested in hearing from you.”

Email junebeere1956@gmail.com to offer help to the campaign.