ANDOVER’S MP took to social media following the ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit to address constituents outraged by his decision to vote in favour of the prime minister’s deal.

Kit Malthouse was one of 202 MPs who backed the agreement while 432 rejected it from both the Leave and Remain camps in a damning government defeat.

The housing minister addressed his constituents in a Facebook video last week, saying he has received “hundreds and hundreds” of emails over his position and will be sending a response to all with his views.

Mr Malthouse said: “A number of people on Facebook or have written down below [comments section] in saying they were disappointed, or don’t understand, or, even worse, about me voting for the deal.

“But the fundamental reason I voted for the deal is I realise the consequences of not voting for the deal would result in what we’re seeing today which is a vote of no confidence in the government and uncertainty of what is going to happen next.

“I’ve maintained for some time by voting no to the government’s deal you have to work out what you’re saying aye to.”

In an Advertiser online poll ahead of the vote on January 15, more than 500 readers gave their view on their preferred Brexit end game. A second referendum topped the chart at 51 per cent, followed by a no deal exit at 39 per cent. Just eight per cent of respondents opted for the prime minister’s deal and two per cent said they did not know/care.

Mr Malthouse added while he knew the government’s plan “wasn’t ideal” it was a good platform to negotiate the next stage of the process.

He said: “Now we’re in a whole different world now, we’ll have to see how the cards land but I will keep you up-to-date as to my intentions.”

One Leave voter who emailed Mr Malthouse said if a withdrawal agreement cannot be reached then the UK should leave on “tried and tested” World Trade Organisation rules.

He said: “You have the obligation now, more than ever, to stand by your constituents and to back a deal that will ensure we leave the EU cleanly.”

Another constituent Michael Wood commented on Facebook: “I’m encouraged by the fact that the MP I voted for stuck to his guns.”